It’s kind of a long story.


After getting laid off with a 5-month-old little girl and living in a brand new state, founder Kendall Covitz Nicholson decided she needed to put something powerful and positive out into the world. A company that inspires you to live your wildest dreams.

That was 3 years ago.

Kendall Covitz Nicholson working at her computer on brand partnerships that are inspiring and positive

Long version.

In 2015, years after becoming a Certified Yoga Instructor and nutrition coach, Kendall and her “yogis” (aka her friends from teacher training) took a trip to a retreat center for the weekend. They practiced yoga, ate nutritious food, and took an intriguing workshop on manifesting and vision boards. The word manifesting wasn’t new to Kendall but vision boards and the process of creating one was. 


Sure enough, after going through the process and creating some routines around the board, everything on the board came true. 



This became a regular ritual. Kendall fine-tuned the process, and even had friends over leading them in creating their own. 


She went deeper into studying positive mindset, manifestation, and the law of attraction. Working with astrologists, medical hypnotists, and energy work. 


So back to the short story that’s about to get a little longer… 


Life pushed Inspire Me Co. Out of the picture for a while. Kendall kept this under lock and key waiting for the right time. Continuing to vision board, manifest, and put what she wanted “out there” which is bringing Inspire Me Co. To life and to other women looking to create a life of their wildest dreams. 


The time came when she started to work with her long-time close friend and confidant, Morgan Sutton. Along with designer Cheri Stammen, they have teamed up to bring Inspire Me Co. Vision Board Kits to life. 


Grab your kit and start taking the steps to create your wildest dreams.

And don't forget to follow us on Instagram and anonymously put out into the world what you are manifesting or wanting to bring into your life. Not a soul will be able to figure out who it is. So post anythingggg and give us a follow to see if we share it and see what others are posting as well. Get into the habit, and you will see what you want will come your way. 



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